“She’s such a snob!” “Hhee wena coconut!” If these words or such remarks have ever been made about you, then you might just like this page…

The adventures and chronicles of an average-looking, black 20something year-old young professional trying to find her life among society’s pressure of having “made it by now”, direction, the meaning of true love, the money to pay off all her bills, the effort to make her friends all like each other, the perfect way to explain to black people why Jacobs Kronung is better than Ricoffy and why books are so much better than movies, why she’s NOT a snob (or is it coconut?) and should not be referred to as one… urgh the list is endless….all while trying to make sure she has a lighter on her when she needs one. Which is all the time.

The struggle is real…


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  1. Mapitso says:

    This blog is so real! I llove it. I need more blogs like these to inspire me to read further. I can so relate with your content.

    Thanks a lot.

    Mapitso from https://sothogirldiaries.com

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